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167. Audax et Celer: The Importance of Leadership and Teamwork from the Battlefield to the Courtroom (with Professor Leah West)

June 17, 2021

Join Amos Vang as he interviews Royal Canadian Dragoon veteran, world-class volleyball player, lawyer and law professor Leah West on her career journey from the Royal Military College to the 2004 World Volleyball Championships to Afghanistan to law school and to a legal career in national security.

Bold and swift: these are the virtues of a Royal Canadian Dragoon that a law student and lawyer can apply to their own careers.  Professor West emphasizes the importance of a leadership mindset in her professional pursuits, especially during her time in Afghanistan.  Simultaneously, Professor West also emphasizes the importance of teamwork and inspiring others through one’s actions.  Especially in the COVID-19 pandemic, leadership and teamwork are two of the most important qualities that a person must learn to succeed in any industry.

You can follow Professor West on Twitter: @leahwest_nsl

You can find Professor West’s book (co-authored alongside Professor Craig Forcese) here: 

You can follow Professor West’s INTREPID podcast here: 

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