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EP 120 - An Intro to the Buzz About Blockchain & Law (with Aaron Grinhaus)

In this podcast, Alex Di Giovanni and Aaron Grinhaus discuss blockchain, cryptocurrency, and their relationship with our legal system. While they think lawyers shouldn’t fear the disruption that will follow, they conclude that it would be wise for legal professionals to educate themselves about the changes that it will bring and to possibly reconsider the roles legal professionals will take when this becomes mainstream. 


EP 119 - A Life of Leadership: Public Service, University Governance, and Careers in Constitutional Law (with Dean Adam Dodek)

Adam Dodek, Dean of the Common Law Section at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law, joins us on the podcast to discuss his legal journey, from studying law in the United States, to working in the public service in Ontario, to joining the Faculty of Law and becoming the Dean.

Listen now as Dean Dodek talks about the biggest challenges he’s faced during his legal career, discusses the differences between university governance and politics, and offers tips to current law students on how to become better lawyers and better people.


EP 118 - Chris Graham: The Stakes are Much Lower Than They Seem

In this episode, we discuss leaving the legal profession (twice), working in big law in NYC, aboriginal law in Toronto, and how to turn a boring question into an interesting answer during job interviews.

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EP 117 - All About Being a Criminal Defence Lawyer (with Ninetta Caparelli)

In this episode, we feature Ninetta Caparelli, who is currently working as a criminal defence lawyer at Greenspon Granger Hill in Ottawa, Ontario. She began as a second-year law student and finished her articles with the firm in 2017.

Ninetta has defended clients on a variety of charges, including impaired driving, assault, domestic assault, assault causing bodily harm, drug charges, criminal harassment, and driving related offences. In addition, she has assisted in defending an array of complex criminal matters, including large scale drug projects (possession, trafficking, production), gun trafficking, sexual assault, fraud over $5,000, attempted murder, and murder. 

Ninetta Caparelli will introduce us to the world of criminal law, as well as the rewards and challenges of working as a criminal defence lawyer. 

On Health: Mental Fitness

In this episode of the On Health series we discuss mental fitness and the practice of meditation. Our subject matter expert, Judy Steed, is an award-winning journalist (Globe and Mail, Toronto Star) and author, the recipient of four National Newspaper Award citations for feature writing, the author of five books, and the recipient of the Atkinson Fellowship in Public Policy. For the Atkinson, she focused on Aging, did research in Copenhagen and Stockholm, and discovered back home in Toronto that here is one of the great Neuroscience centers of North America. Which led her into mindfulness and brain plasticity, inspired by Toronto doctor Norman Doidge's best-selling book, The Brain that Changes Itself. She has been leading a guided meditation practice for 10 years, and also teaching Pilates and other Fitness classes at the Central YMCA in Toronto. As well, she teaches courses at Ryerson, focused on brain plasticity and mindfulness.


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EP 116 - The “Aha!” Moment: Following Your Interests in School, Life, and Career (with Mark Asfar)

Mark Asfar joins us to discuss his journey from being a History student at Queen’s University to being a young lawyer at Momentum Business Law in Ottawa. Along the way, he reflects on the importance of following your interests, from choosing an undergraduate program that he enjoyed, to finding meaning (and balance) in extracurriculars, to joining a relatively new firm whose work perfectly matches his passions. We also discuss strategies for getting involved in law school and finding a job that will allow you to learn and grow.


EP 115 - 7 Degrees, 6 Books, 5 Professorships, 4 Kids, 3 Jobs, 2 Sides, 1 Ace Attorney: An Interview with Dr. Rebecca Jaremko Bromwich

Join Amos Vang and Ryan Pistorius as they interview Dr. Rebecca Jaremko Bromwich on her research, her work-life balance, and current issues surrounding the overall criminal justice system and the youth criminal justice system. 

Multi-talented, focused, and determined: this has been the story of Dr. Bromwich’s amazing career.  Dr. Bromwich holds a Bachelor of Social and Cultural Anthropology, an LL. B, an LL. M, a Ph. D. in Legal Studies, a Certificate from Harvard’s Program on Negotiation Master Class, and a Certificate in Mediation from Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation.  She has also co-authored and co-edited six books to date, including her most recent book, Mothers, Mothering and Sport: Experiences, Representations, Resistances.  Dr. Bromwich has taught at the University of Western Ontario Faculty of Law, University of Cincinnati, Fanshawe College, Carleton University and the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law, all while balancing four young kids.  Dr. Bromwich has served as a criminal defence lawyer and is currently a per diem Crown Attorney for the Ministry of the Attorney General and Program Director for Carleton University’s Graduate Diploma in Conflict Resolution program.

You can check out Dr. Bromwich’s most recent book here:

You can also check out Dr. Bromwich’s career here: 


On Health: Nutrition

In this episode of the On Health series we get tailored nutritional advice for law students from Melissa Piercell. Melissa talks about the healthiest foods to buy on a budget, the best foods for brain function and the importance of good nutrition in maximizing your performance. Jam packed. Healthy. And brought to you with love (on Valentines day) from the good people at the Law School Show and Lexis Nexis Canada Inc.


EP 114 – Mental Health & Addictions in the Criminal & Legal Context with Addictions Counsellor Kaitlin Baldwin

Kaitlin Baldwin has an Hons. B.A. in Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour from McMaster University, a Graduate Certificate in Concurrent Disorders from Mohawk College, and is currently completing her M.A. in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University. She currently works as an Addictions Counsellor.
In this podcast, we discuss the interaction of substance abuse and addictions within the criminal context; including topics such as criminalization leading to stigmatization, and resulting recidivism due to these social structures. We also discuss vicarious trauma and the effect of substance abuse on not only clients, but on the stressful professional careers surrounding the criminal sphere.

On Health: Physical Fitness

Here’s to your health!

Staying healthy, vibrant and sharp is key to career development. This is the first instalment of the “On Health” series brought to you by the Law School Show and LexisNexis Canada. “On Health” is a three episode series covering physical fitness, nutrition and mental health. In this first episode, we get expert advice from Meredith Clinton on how law students can maintain physical fitness. Check out the FREE resources for law students from LexisNexis and the sample workout programs from Meredith Clinton below.

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