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171. From Public Law to Public Health (Part 2): The Life of a Litigator (with Adam Goldenberg)

In part two of the episode, Lucie Zhang continues a discussion with Adam Goldenberg, a litigator at McCarthy Tétrault LLP.  In part one, Adam shared his experiences and motivations as a litigation lawyer that lead him to co-author a book on Canadian emergency law. In this episode, we delve into the world of emergency law, and Adam explains what a national emergency is. 



170. From Public Law to Public Health (Part 1): The Life of a Litigator (with Adam Goldenberg)

In part one of the episode, Lucie Zhang talks to Adam Goldenberg, a litigator at McCarthy Tétrault LLP. Adam shares his journey to becoming a litigation lawyer and how his practice has changed because of the pandemic. By likening the typical week of a litigator as a process of dynamic triage, Adam outlines the skills junior lawyers need to develop to succeed.

Listeners can find Adam on LinkedIn and on McCarthy Tétrault’s podcast, “Law in the Time of COVID-19.”


169. Safe Third Country Agreement (with Heather Neufeld)

Shortly after the Federal Court of Appeal hearing about the constitutionality of the Canada-US Safe Third Country Agreement (STCA), Host Kelley Humber sat down with one of the members of the litigation team, Heather Neufeld. Heather is an immigration and refugee lawyer, and one of 9 lawyers working to overturn the STCA by advocating for refugees' constitutional rights in Canada. Heather discusses the Section 7  (life, liberty, security of the person) and Section 15 (equality) claims being made, some of the challenges of evidence gathering for a case of this nature and scale, and how COVID-19 has impacted how she litigates.


On 15 April 2021, the Federal Court of Appeal ended up ruling in favour of the STCA. Heather and her team have recently applied for leave to the Supreme Court of Canada. This is a case to watch for anyone interested in refugee and human rights.


168. One Head, Many Hats (with Ira Shatzmiller)

Ira Shatzmiller is head of Legal and Compliance at BSH Appliances. Join our host Rutumi Tank chat with this insightful lawyer about her journey, starting with law school to the present day. Ira Shatzmiller provides us with pearls of wisdom, personal anecdotes, and tips on being successful as an in-house lawyer. 


167. Audax et Celer: The Importance of Leadership and Teamwork from the Battlefield to the Courtroom (with Professor Leah West)

Join Amos Vang as he interviews Royal Canadian Dragoon veteran, world-class volleyball player, lawyer and law professor Leah West on her career journey from the Royal Military College to the 2004 World Volleyball Championships to Afghanistan to law school and to a legal career in national security.

Bold and swift: these are the virtues of a Royal Canadian Dragoon that a law student and lawyer can apply to their own careers.  Professor West emphasizes the importance of a leadership mindset in her professional pursuits, especially during her time in Afghanistan.  Simultaneously, Professor West also emphasizes the importance of teamwork and inspiring others through one’s actions.  Especially in the COVID-19 pandemic, leadership and teamwork are two of the most important qualities that a person must learn to succeed in any industry.

You can follow Professor West on Twitter: @leahwest_nsl

You can find Professor West’s book (co-authored alongside Professor Craig Forcese) here: 

You can follow Professor West’s INTREPID podcast here: 


166. Dr. Adelina Iftene on Prison Abolition

"Policy and legislation-wise, we still have a lot of work to do." Emma Partridge sits down with Dr. Adelina Iftene, author of "Punished for Aging: Vulnerability, Rights, and Access to Justice in Canadian Penitentiaries," to discuss the legal community's response to growing calls for prison abolition. Are lawyers pushing the conversation forward, or just maintaining the status quo? Listen now.


165. Netflix, Notoriety, and Legal Entrepreneurship (with Tiger King’s Joseph Fritz)

Joseph Fritz is a lawyer, legal entrepreneur, and advocate whose provocative statements in Netflix's wildly popular "Tiger King" made the name Carole Baskin one of the most notorious taglines of 2020. William White learns how Joe earned his stripes and eventually brought a range of legal issues into the zeitgeist of a society stuck at home.


164. Looking Back on Our Very Interesting 1L Year (with Chelsea Sawaya and François Bélanger)

As part of the Student Life Series, Bianca Morello sits down for a chat with Chelsea Sawaya and François Bélanger, two students who have just completed their first year of law school at the University of Ottawa. Just like the title suggests, we talk about our classes, how we adapted to law school online, work-life balance and our perspective on grades.


163. The Constitutional Legend: A Conversation with Dr. Joseph Eliot Magnet on the Evolution of Canada’s Constitution, the Constitutional Lawyer, and the Human Aspects of the Legal Practice

Join Amos Vang as he interviews Professor Joseph Magnet on his career and the evolution of Canada’s constitutionalism.

From clerking at the Supreme Court of Canada under Chief Justice Brian Dickson to becoming the lead counsel of over 200 constitutional cases at the Supreme Court of Canada and other appeal courts, Professor Magnet has become one of the most important contributors to Canada’s constitutional evolution.  Professor Magnet talks about how Canada has changed, how the constitutional legal practice has changed, and how classical music can be an extremely helpful background.

You can read more about Professor Magnet’s work on his website:


162. Life as a Law Professor and Mediator (with Jennifer Schulz)

Host Ashley Bains sits down with Dr. Jennifer Schulz, a practicing mediator and torts professor at the University of Manitoba. They discuss Dr. Schulz's law school experience, obtaining an MPhil and SJD, and how to start a career in mediation. Plus, Dr. Schulz provides some tips for law school success!

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