The Law School Show


Ep 71 - 1L Reflections

September 20, 2016

It’s still the beginning of the school year and we hope all of the 1Ls are adapting to law school well! Of course, there are still questions that are lurking. In this episode, David and Angela will be talking about effective ways to study, work-life balance, things we wish we knew in 1L and more. Tune in now!

2:34 - What would I have done differently in 1L?

4:25 - Legal writing challenge

5:20 - How to read cases

6:50 - Exam writing tips

9:45 - Time management advice

12:50 - What really helped in 1L

16:28 - Taking notes by hand or by computer?

19:40 - What are classes like in 1L?

22:00 - Mooting in 1L

26:55 - How to pick courses in 2L