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EP 104 – Advantages and Challenges of being a Sole Practitioner - An interview with Stephen Dam

Based in Ottawa, Stephen Dam is a sole practitioner in the areas of Real Estate, Estate Planning, Civil Litigation, and Family Law. In this interview, Stephen shares with us his experience from being a law student to starting his own practice. He also talks about the pros and cons of being a sole practitioner. If you are interested in becoming a sole practitioner, this episode is for you!


EP 103 – Fail Better– a Web-series by Roselyn Kelada-Sedra

Marco sits down with litigator and arts & entertainment professional Roselyn Kelada-Sedra to discuss her web-series in development, Fail Better. They explore the fear of failure that's part and parcel with striving for perfection in imperfect professional environments; ones where racism and misogyny still rear their ugly heads.

Learn more about:
- Fail Better, the series (
- Roselyn the actor (
- Roselyn the lawyer (

EP 102– Journalism and Law: A Interview with Melissa Kluger of Precedent - Part I

Precedent Magazine and its student offshoot Precedent JD are the brainchild of Melissa Kluger, a graduate of the University of Toronto's Faculty of Law. Melissa started out articling at Cassels, Brock & Blackwell LLP, spent two months on a secondment at the criminal law office of Edward L. Greenspan, and after being called to the bar practiced media law in Toronto. During her time as a lawyer, she saw a need for a publication that spoke to the lifestyle of the young lawyer, and the idea for Precedent was born. Today, every single law firm in Toronto gets an issue of Precedent magazine. Listen in to this interview to hear her story, to learn more about Precedent, and to hear Melissa's thoughts on the state of law today. And stay tuned for Part II, coming out soon!


EP 101– Legal Aid Clinics in Ontario: Career Insight & Opportunities– Part I

In this episode, we interview two senior lawyers at a legal aid clinic, and discuss the role poverty plays in exacerbating individuals legal problems and opportunities for students to get involved in legal aid work.

Mike Laliberte

Mike is a senior staff lawyer at Neighbourhood Legal Services (London & Middlesex) and has worked at the clinic for over 25 years.  He concentrates his work on social assistance issues and has engaged in many law reform efforts and enjoys participating in community development. Mike has chaired the OW & ODSP Advocates Group since 1995.

Although born and raised in the lovely town of Sarnia, Mike attended undergraduate studies at King’s College in London and completed his law degree at the University of Western Ontario Law School.  He also has a teaching degree.  Mike articled at a large law firm in London but much prefers practicing law at a legal clinic.

In 2017, Mike received a Canada 150 medal recognizing him for his contributions to our nation in all his years of service!

Kristie Pagniello

Kristie Pagniello has worked as a staff lawyer at Neighbourhood Legal Services (London & Middlesex) since 2001, having previously articled and practiced at Seabrook Epstein St. Marie & Miller in London. She has a Masters Degree in Sociology, with a Specialization in Criminology, and a Law Degree from the University of Windsor.

Kristie works on the social assistance side of NLSLM representing clients before administrative tribunals regarding Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Program, Canada Pension Plan Disability, and Criminal Injuries Compensation. She has a particular interest in student development work and as such coordinates and supervises the student placements from King’s College School of Social Work, Fanshawe Paralegal Studies, and Ryerson’s Law Practice Program. Kristie is also a part-time professor at Fanshawe College in the Post Graduate Paralegal Studies program, teaching Tribunal Practice and Procedure.



EP 100– Lucrezia Spagnolo CEO and Founder of Vesta: An App that Aims to Increase Reporting and Conviction Rates for Sexual Assault

Lucrezia Spagnolo is the founder and CEO of Vesta Social Innovation Technology. An online platform and app that allows victims of sexual assault and harassment to document their experience in real time. It was developed in consultation with survivors of sexual assault, lawyers, judges, law enforcement, clinical psychologists, and psychiatrists to create a responsive, effective and user-friendly interface. So when victims are ready to report it can be used as evidence for criminal sexual assault and harassment cases.


EP 99– Finding One’s Niche and Making the Most out of Law School - A Conversation with Danielle Waechter

Danielle Waechter, a lawyer at Forget Smith, practices mainly in the area of insurance defence litigation including bodily injury, accident benefits, and motor vehicle accidents. She completed her JD at the University of Ottawa. In this episode, Danielle shares with us her journey to where she is today, including a transition from a different area of law. Danielle also provides tips on how to make the most out of law school. Don't miss this episode! 


EP 98– Project Finance Lawyer in a Global Law Firm– Alison Babbitt at Norton Rose Fulbright

Alison Babbitt is an English- and Ontario-qualified project finance lawyer at Norton Rose Fulbright's Ottawa office. In this episode, Ms. Babbitt talks about her international experience from a law student in Scotland and UK to an experienced project finance lawyer in Canada. She also gives current law students tips and advice on how to develop practical skills in law, which include the ability to pay attention to detail and to work collaboratively in a team. Finally, Ms. Babbitt talks about renewable energy as an emerging area of law. If you are interested in project finance law or are curious about how it is like to work at a global law firm environment, this is the episode for you!


EP 97–Finding & Pursuing Your Interests with Anna Lillicrap, Legal Counsel at IDRC

Anna Lillicrap is an in-house lawyer at the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) in Ottawa. Anna shares her passion for international law and advice on pursruing your interests in and after law school. If you think the Bay Street route might not be right for you, tune in to hear how staying true to your interests can lead you to a rewarding career in law!


EP 96–Meagan LePage & Stephanie Smith from Court Coach LLP: Tips to start your own family law practice

Looking to start your own family practice? Check out this episode before you take that leap! Meagan LePage and Stephanie Smith decided to establish Court Coach LLP three years ago, a practice focused in family law, child protection services, and legal coaching. We talk about how they got started, the highs and lows of running their own business, and advice for anyone who is interested in exploring this path.


EP 95–Mike Hook on Becoming a Lawyer-Entrepreneur

Whether or not you’ve considered opening your own firm – this is the podcast for you. Mike

Hook, lawyer, entrepreneur, and founder of Intrepid Law in Toronto, talks about the skills that

all lawyers should hone, regardless of entrepreneurial intentions. Hook talks about what

pushed him to start his own practice, and offers enlightening advice on how to tell whether

practicing in a big firm is for you or not. In addition to advising law students to make the most

of all challenges and opportunities presented to them throughout law school, Hook encourages

budding lawyers to believe in their own talents and skills. For those interested in taking a

professional risk, Hook speaks to the support of the legal community and trusting oneself, and

could make even the entirely risk-averse consider taking an entrepreneurial leap of faith.