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Ep 70 - 2L Reflections

Incoming or future 2Ls, you’re  wondering what to expect for 2L right? Of course, you’ve likely heard of on-campus interviews (OCIs). You’re probably also wondering how to succeed in them or how to do better in 2L in general. This episode featuring David Lu, a 3L and one of the hosts of this show, will answer your questions and/or worries! Enjoy!

Highlights of the episode:

1:15 – 3L course selection tips: take interesting courses or take courses that will be tested on the bar exam

2:46 – Tips for 2L

7:23 – Do 1L summer experiences matter for OCIs?

9:52 – OCI experience

12:37 – Do grades matter for OCIs?

14:19 – Government OCIS

17:03 – OCI logistics

20:50 – Firm tours and networking before OCIs

24:40 – What if OCIs don’t work out for you?

27:20 – Articling search experience

29:30 – Call day


10 MINUTE SERIES - Q#2 - What should I do during first year summer?

In the 10 Minute Series, Rishi and Chris answer the 9 most common questions they've received since starting the Law School Show. One question per episode. Short and sweet and helpful. In this second instalment the question is: What should I do during first year summer? Enjoy!

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10 MINUTE SERIES - Q#1 - What is the goal of first year and where should I focus my energy?

In the 10 Minute Series, Rishi and Chris answer the 9 most common questions they've received since starting The Law School Show. One question per instalment answered in under 10 minutes. Short and sweet. In this first instalment, the question is: What is the goal of 1st year and where should I focus my energy? Enjoy!


Ep 69 - What is a toxic tort?

In this episode, we investigate toxic torts with Professor Heather McLeod Kilmurray. Professor McLeod Kilmurray is a professor at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law who focuses on environmental issues and is a leading scholar in the area of toxic torts. Arguably, this is an area of torts, which can provide unique relief and remedies for negative environmental impacts to the public. Let's dive in! 

Professor McLeod Kilmurray's Bio:

Ep 68 - Nathan Fox’s alternative career after law school and his tips on preparing for the LSAT

Nathan Fox is the founder of Fox LSAT, an LSAT tutoring company. We discuss Nathan’s law school experience and his decision to pursue a non-legal career after graduation, his own LSAT experience, and some very useful LSAT tips.

You can find additional tips at Nathan’s podcast at You can also find Nathan’s contact information on his website at Enjoy!

Ep 67 - Post Articling Debrief

In this episode Rishi and Chris reflect on their articling experience at Stikeman Elliott LLP. They discuss topics such as typical hours, what they would have done different, and key pieces of advice. Tune in to give it a listen. 


Ep 66 - The person behind the resume: Mr. Stéphane Teasdale

Stéphane Teasdale is a partner at Dentons Canada LLP with a fascinating career in that has allowed him to travel to many countries. He is the chair of the global Franchise and Distribution Law group and also co-leads the Corporate and Commercial Law group of Dentons' Montreal office. In this episode, we discuss how he went from being a litigator to a solicitor, what qualities good litigators and solicitors possess, what it is like practicing franchise and distribution law, and more. If you're not sure whether you should be a litigator or a solicitor, this episode may help solve your dilemma!

Episode Highlights:
1:20 - Introduction
6:00 - How he became exposed to franchise and distribution law
9:40 - How to stand out in interviews
15:00 - How to know if you are more of a litigator or a solicitor
18:00 - Traits of a solicitor
20:30 - From a lawyer to a partner
23:00 - Best parts of his job 
26:00 - Working abroad 
30:00 - Work-life balance
31:45 - Women and the partnership track

Ep 65 - Timothy Sullivan, family lawyer and civil litigator: starting your own solo practice

Timothy Sullivan is a family lawyer and civil litigator in Ottawa. In this wide ranging discussion, we talk about Timothy’s journey from law school to lawyer, the challenges of starting his own solo practice, and much more. If you are considering practicing in family law, civil litigation, or starting your own practice, this episode is for you.

For more information on Timothy, visit or follow him on twitter at @SullivanLawCA


Ep 64 - Part 2 - The person behind the resume with Professor John Mark Keyes

Part Two of this interview continues with Professor John Mark Keyes' experiences. We delve further into his responsibilities as the past Chief Legislative Counsel of the Legislative Services Branch at the Department of Justice. He also shares the crucial skills needed to be a good drafter. Finally, he talks about his transition as a professor and shares his inspiration for Executive Legislation. Enjoy Part Two of this interview!

Highlights of the episode:

0:48 - What was his drafting experience like?

6:00 - Challenges in drafting

7:00 - How do you manage the different clients' expectations?

10:23 - Responsibilities as a junior drafter

12:20 - The importance of teamwork within federal drafting

13:20 - How important is knowing French as a drafter?

13:43 - What skills are important to be a good drafter?

16:59 - Transitioning to the role of the Chief Legislative Counsel of the Legislative Services Branch

18:55 - Management responsibilities

22:25 - Are there other skills needed to be a good manager?

24:00 - Other managerial responsibilities

26:00 - What was his inspiration for his book?

30:10 - What motivated him to become a professor?

31:45 - Best parts and challenges of being a professor

35:52 - Recommendations of resources for people interested in drafting

37:28 - Career goal


Ep. 63 - Part 1 - The person behind the resume with Professor John Mark Keyes

We know that there are acts and regulations, but have you ever wondered how they come to be? Who drafts them? How do you even become a drafter? Professor John Mark Keyes has been a lawyer, a drafter, the Past Chief Legislative Counsel of the Legislative Services Branch at the Department of Justice, and the author of Executive Legislation. In this episode, he shares with us the world of drafting, the tips to becoming a successful drafter, and his inspiration for his book. He also tells us how to be passionate outside of the area of law and how to manage change in one’s career. Have fun and tune in for Part II of this interview to learn more about drafting! 

Highlights of the episode:

1:08 - Life outside of law

4:12 - How to balance his interests with his career

6:40 - Law school experience (overall thoughts, first year of law school)

9:13 - What would he have done differently in law school?

10:05 - Why law school?

11:42 - How did he develop his interest in drafting?

13:39 - Articling at the Ministry of the Attorney General

16:57 - Ruling out other interests

19:11 - Advice to law students who are still looking for their interests

21:09 - Transitioning from the Ministry of the Attorney General to a small law firm

27:30 - How a Drafting Program led to working at the Department of Justice

30:14 - What does a drafter do?