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EP 84 The First Generation Network - Brooke Longhurst & Dianna Robinson

What resources are available for first generation students who are studying law? In this episode Brooke Longhurst and Dianna Robinson will be talking to us about the First Generation Network and why this network was created.

Brooke is a second year JD student at the University of Toronto. Before law school, Brooke completed her Master of Philosophy the University of Cambridge. She is the founder of the First Generation Network, and President of the organization’s UofT Law chapter.

Dianna Robinson is a third-year JD/MBA student at Osgoode Hall Law School and Schulich School of Business. She is the president of a group established to provide support to students who are the first in their families to attend post-secondary education; the Osgoode First Generation Network.

The First Generation Network was created at Osgoode Hall Law School in December 2015 with the aim of reducing the professional, social and financial barriers to law school faced by students who are the first in their family to attend post-secondary education. The Network expanded to University of Toronto Faculty of Law in September 2016. The Network has a strong focus on activities that involve members of the legal community who were also the first in their family to attend post-secondary education.

If you want to start a chapter at your own law school, email:

Check out the First Generation Network at your school: Toronto, Osgoode, Western, Ottawa, Windsor, and Lakehead.


Ep 83 - The person behind the resume with Jeff Smolkin

Ever wonder what it is like to work at TD Bank Group? Jeff Smolkin, a Managing Counsel, leads and manages TD Bank's online and mobile service offerings, innovation and mobile payment initiatives and strategy, such as UGO Wallet and TD Labs, as well as TD Bank's FinTech. He shares how he transitioned to IP law and some tips to succeess like being open to trying new areas of law. Tune into this episode to learn more!


EP 82 - Improving your non-verbal communication with Sari de la Motte

Sari de la Motte advises attorneys, corporations, and government organizations in the United States about non-verbal communication. In this informative episode, Sari gives tips on non-verbal communication for litigators in the courtroom and applicants at the job interview.

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EP 81 What does it mean to be a trademark attorney?

Are you curious to learn what a career as a trademark attorney entail? In this episode, we sit down with Ms. Andrea Pitts, a trademark attorney from Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, and discuss how trademark prosecution is a niche, rewarding profession. Listen-in to gain advice and perspective from this accomplished in-house practitioner.


Ep 80 The Legal Cafe - A conversation with Ari Comert

In this exciting interview, we sit down with one of the founders of Legal Cafe, a startup looking to enhance the communication between legal professionals. 

Co-founded by Shaunt Tokmakjian and Ari Comert, LegalCafe, as the name suggests, is a warm and inviting place for lawyers to connect and support each other quickly and easily, at home or on their smartphones. What makes this idea unique is that it fosters the creation of an online legal community through technological innovation, cost-effectiveness and profit sharing.

LegalCafe aims to solve the following three problems: (1) Poor support networks: Without strong networking, or large firm support, lawyers, especially new lawyers, are often left without a proper support network. This has the potential of impacting quality of service for clients. (2) Redundant Research and Cost: Often times lawyers are looking for answers hundreds of other lawyers have already researched. (3) Community: Memberships to the various legal bar associations can be cost prohibitive especially for new lawyers. In addition to the annual fees which range in the hundreds of dollars, members are often expected to pay for the various events they attend. The goal of LegalCafe is to leverage technological innovation to create an online and effective community with low cost to members.

If you want to learn more about LegalCafe, check out


Ep 79 - Aaron Wenner, Founder of CiteRight: the process of coding new legal tools

Aaron Wenner is a father, a graduate of Harvard, a graduate of McGill Law, a coder and an entrepreneur. In this episode, Aaron tells us about the product he created, aptly called CiteRight. CiteRight is an intelligent legal assistant that formats citations, assembles books of authority, and notes-up precedents. It saves lawyers’ time and clients’ money, and makes drafting litigation documents smarter, faster, cheaper. Aaron tells us about why he decided not to work in a traditional legal job and the process he has lived in getting CiteRight to market.


Ep 78 - The Person Behind the Resume with Linda Misetich Dann

Are you interested in learning more about corporate finance and securities law or mining law? Then tune into this episode featuring Linda Misetich Dann. She is a partner and Co-Head of the Capital Markets and M&A group at Bennett Jones LLP. She shares her journey as a law student to a partner, the challenges she faces within these practices, the qualities needed to succeed in these areas of law. This is a very interesting episode, so please tune in!


EP77 - Why you should attend the OBA Institute with Kimberley Cunnington-Taylor & Tim Kennedy

The OBA Institute - the largest legal CPD event in Canada this year will take place between Feb 6 - Feb 11. With events happening in both Toronto & Ottawa, as well as availability online, there is something for every stage of one's legal career. In this episode, David chats with Kim Cunnington-Taylor & Tim Kennedy, the Ottawa co-chairs of the program. The conversation talks about why both Kim & Tim became involved with the OBA, and the programs and resources available for law students and young lawyers at the OBA Institute in Ottawa and Toronto.

DISCOUNT CODES: Attending in Ottawa, in-person (15%): OTTAWA15, Student promo code for webcast (85%) STUDENT85

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EP76 - The Person Behind the Resume with Minister Catherine McKenna

Start the New Year with a fresh perspective! In this episode, Minister Catherine McKenna shares her journey from being a law student to being appointed Minister of Environment and Climate Change. She discusses the importance of carving your own path, of surrounding yourself with people that inspire you, and the importance of not losing sight of your goals and ambitions. This is a very special episode that you don't want to miss!




The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Canadian Film and Television Industry

Are you curious on how to leverage your law degree into a career in Canada’s film and television industry?  In this episode, Marco sits down with Allan Jolie-Coeur, the Vice President of Operations for the Shaw Rocket Fund.  Allan draws on over 20 years of combined experience in entertainment law and content production and distribution to demonstrate the importance of being nimble in a constantly changing industry.

Guest: Allan Jolie-Coeur, VP Operations, Shaw Rocket Fund

Learn more about Allan and the Shaw Rocket Fund here:

*This episode contains references to the film Good Will Hunting, which was produced and distributed by Miramax Films.