The Law School Show


Ep 70 - 2L Reflections

September 12, 2016
Incoming or future 2Ls, you’re  wondering what to expect for 2L right? Of course, you’ve likely heard of on-campus interviews (OCIs). You’re probably also wondering how to succeed in them or how to do better in 2L in general. This episode featuring David Lu, a 3L and one of the hosts of this show, will answer your questions and/or worries! Enjoy!

Highlights of the episode:

1:15 – 3L course selection tips: take interesting courses or take courses that will be tested on the bar exam

2:46 – Tips for 2L

7:23 – Do 1L summer experiences matter for OCIs?

9:52 – OCI experience

12:37 – Do grades matter for OCIs?

14:19 – Government OCIS

17:03 – OCI logistics

20:50 – Firm tours and networking before OCIs

24:40 – What if OCIs don’t work out for you?

27:20 – Articling search experience

29:30 – Call day